Patient care is our most important job. We want to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible. This section contains information about the services and resources available to the patients and visitors of Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute.

What is Patient Centered Care?

Research has indicated that the more patients and their family members are involved with their own healthcare, the more improved are the health outcomes, as well as the satisfaction level of the patient.

Patient-centered care is a philosophy that promotes active involvement of the patient and family in their care. It promotes involvement by engaging the patient and their loved ones an integral part of the care team to work with the healthcare professionals in making clinical decisions.

As an organization, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute is dedicated to the patient experience and has designed patient care around an experience that incorporates the patient (and family) in the experience. One aspect of this patient-centered care is the “Patient Care Partner”.

What is a Patient Care Partner?

A “care partner” is that trusted person a patient wants by their side to assist in their care and care decisions. At the time of admission the patient will be asked who they would like their care partner to be and this name with contact information will be posted on the “family white board” in the patient’s room to pro-mote awareness of who that person is with all Hospital caregivers.


  • The staff will make every effort to make your stay with the patient comfortable but please do not sleep in hospital waiting rooms.
  • Your presence at the bedside is to remain vigilant and helpful to your loved one. If you are not sure of what you can or should be doing, please check with the nurse.
  • In an effort to maintain a healing environment, we remind you to remain as quiet as possible during your time with your loved one in the hospital.
  • For patient privacy in semi-private rooms, you may be asked to step out of the room from time to time. The nurse will notify you when you can return to the room.
  • If at any time you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or become uncooperative or disrespectful of hospital staff, you may be asked to leave.

What You Should Know if You Are a Care Partner

What you should know if you are a care partner:

You have been chosen by the patient to be their care partner. Your participation in their care will be only to the degree that you and the patient are comfortable with and to the degree that it is safe.

Hospital Staff will explore with you those things you may want to participate in:

  • Assisting in feeding the patient
  • Assisting in bathing and personal hygiene for the patient
  • Alerting the nurse if the patient tries to get out of bed
  • Keeping the patient on their side to relieve skin pressure
  • Keeping the arm straight if the IV is in an awkward position
  • Letting the nurse know if you feel a change in the patient’s status is occurring
  • Helping the patient to move their arms & legs while they are unable to get out of bed. This will help keep them flexible.
  • Communication with caregivers through use of the Patient Diary.