Visiting Hours

General visiting hours are from 8:00am – 8:00pm daily.
Please stop at the security desk in the main lobby to receive a visitor’s pass.

Children over 16 are permitted as visitors; however, all OTHER children must be under adult supervision.

Visiting hours are restricted in Critical Care areas to meet the specialized needs of the patient. Only immediate family members are allowed to visit patients in the Critical Care Unit. When a patient is in surgery, we would appreciate family members and friends to wait in the designated waiting area where a volunteer will assist them in maintaining direct communication with the Surgery Department.

Free WiFi Service/Internet Access

Internet access is available for free from any room in the hospital, including the main lobbies and cafeteria.

ATM Machine

An ATM machine is available in the hospital for your use. The ATM machine is located on the first floor of the hospital near the cashier window. Lawnwood Regional Medical Center does not own the ATM machine and any problems with the ATM machine must be directed to the bank sponsoring the machine. This information may be obtained on the front of the machine.

Gift Shop and Flowers

The gift shop is located near the main entrance of the hospital. It is open Monday through Sunday from 8:00am through 4:00pm. Hours may vary. The gift shop offers an assortment of flowers, stuffed toys, snacks, toiletries, greeting cards, and unique gifts. To contact the gift shop call extension 4439. To order flowers call (877) 711-BEST (2378).

Personal Items

We strongly urge you to leave all valuables such as money, credit cards, and jewelry, at home. If you have any valuables the day you are admitted, please ask to store them in the hospital’s safe depository. You will be given a written receipt for all items, which then must be presented when you withdraw them. The hospital cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal articles. Only a few items will be necessary such as pajamas, robe, slippers, brush and other personal articles. A hospital gown is provided; however, we understand you may be more comfortable in your own bed clothes. A toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and a comb are also provided upon your arrival. If you lose something, please notify your nurse immediately and every effort will be made to find it.

Dentures: A denture cup is available for your use. Please do not wrap your dentures in napkins or tissues, as they may be mistaken for trash. Please do not place your dentures under your pillow or in the pocket of your hospital gown or pajamas, as they may be broken.

Hearing Aides/Eyeglasses: Please use an eyeglass case when you are not wearing your eyeglasses. Also if you remove your hearing aid, please ask for a container cup for storage of these items as they are easily lost. The hospital will not be responsible for lost items.


Security Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep our parking lots safe for visitors and employees.

Pastoral Care/Spiritual Needs

Please contact your nurse for information on pastoral care. Lawnwood also provides a quiet room/chapel for our patients’ and visitors’ needs located on the first floor in the second hallway on the left from the entrance. It is a quiet non-denominational place for reflection. The Emergency Department also has a family quiet room for your convenience. Clergy on Call Program Benefits Patients & Families.

Lawnwood is fortunate to have a unique volunteer program involving an association of local clergy who are available to respond to patients and family members around the clock. Clergy from all denominations participate in the program.

Participants in the Clergy on Call program are available via pager for patients, families, and staff who may need spiritual counseling during their admission at Lawnwood. In addition to the call volunteers, the hospital provides credentials to clergy throughout the community who are available for patient and family visitation and counseling. If you would like a visit from one of the clergy, please dial “0” for the switchboard.

Needs for the Hearing Impaired/Interpreters

The hospital has available 24 hours a day, access to the AT&T Language Line. This line provides interpreters in over 140 languages. Any nurse or Case Manager may call this line for our patients. For our hearing impaired, we also have available 24-hour access to sign language through the Deaf Service of the Treasure Coast.

Nutritional Services and Your Meals

Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery. Lawnwood’s Food And Nutrition Services staff are happy to help you make the best selection based upon your doctor’s request.

Occasionally your meal may be delayed if you are scheduled for a special test or treatment. Whenever possible, you will be served after your test or examination.

You will be visited by a host twice a day to take your breakfast, lunch and dinner order. If you require immediate assistance, please contact your nurse. A Host/Hostess will visit patients after breakfast to obtain their lunch menu, and then again after lunch to get their dinner and breakfast menu for the following day.

Visitors may request a guest tray and dine in the patient’s room for a nominal fee. The prices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are $3.00, $4.00, and $5.00 respectively.

Make the most of your return to good health by consulting with one of our dietitians during your stay at Lawnwood by calling X8271.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in the cafeteria for your convenience.

Cafeteria Hours

Visitors are welcome to eat in our award-winning cafeteria: :
Breakfast 7:00am – 10:00am
Lunch 11:15am – 1:30pm
Grill 11:15am – 4:00pm
Dinner 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Your Room

Your Bed
Your hospital bed is electrically operated and your nurse will show you how to properly adjust your bed. Your hospital bed is probably higher and narrower than your bed at home. Bedside rails are for your protection. They may be raised at your request at night or during the day if you’re resting, recovering surgery or taking certain medications.

Room Temperature
All rooms in the hospital are centrally heated and air-conditioned. If your room temperature is not comfortable for you, please notify the nursing staff.

Calling Your Nurse
A button to call your nurse is located at your bedside. When you press the button, the Nursing Station is alerted and a staff member will respond to your signal as soon as possible.

During the Night
Please stay in bed after you have been prepared for the night. Strange surroundings and sleeping medications may create a hazard if you get out of bed. For assistance during the night, please use your nurse call button.


Flowers and other gifts are welcome in most room and deliveries are made daily. Fresh flowers are not permitted in ICU/CCU. Flowers can be ordered by dialing our gift shop at extension # 8290.


Your mail will be delivered to your room while you are a patient. Any mail received after you leave the hospital will be returned to sender. Columbia Hospital is proud to offer a patient e-mail service. Patients can receive e-mails from friends and family through our website.


Newspapers can be delivered to your room. If you would like a newspaper delivered, please let your nurse know. The Palm Beach Post is also available in a machine that is located outside of the Emergency Room entrance and in the gift shop.


To place an outgoing call, dial “9” plus the number. To place a long distance call, dial “0”, tell the switchboard operator how you want your call billed, and she will help you reach your party. Outgoing calls can be made 24 hours a day from your room.

Tobacco-Free Policy

Thank you for not smoking. Because of our commitment to wellness, Lawnwood is a tobacco-free campus. Tobacco products are not permitted on our hospital campus as of June 1, 2009.

Find a Physician

The hospital also offers a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week free physician referral and health information line. This free service is staffed by Registered Nurses who are available to answer phone calls, respond to health questions, and assist callers in finding the right physician to
meet their needs. Callers can speak to one of these Lawnwood representatives by calling (772) 742-9050.

A Living Will

generally states your personal directions about life-prolonging treatment in the event of a serious illness that could cause death. It is called a Living Will because it takes effect while you are still alive, but have become unable to speak for yourself. If you desire assistance from Case Management with a living will, call 461-4000 ext. 4471 between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.