Remote Gateway

Physician Login

Remote Gateway is available online anywhere, anytime using strong authentication via a combination of SecurID tokens and SSL encryption technology to ensure the privacy of patient information. This will help ensure physicians and other allied health professionals are conforming with existing and pending State and Federal legislation regarding the protection of patient identifiable health information.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Accessibility - convenient access anytime, anywhere over an Internet connection
  • Standard Software - uses Internet Explorer to access hospital systems 
  • Ensures Privacy - automatic, hands-off encryption of all communications prevents anyone from intercepting and reading patient information
  • Personalized - physicians and staff will be presented with only the applications that they use
  • Convenient - anytime, anywhere remote access to timely, clinical information about your patients
  • Improved Care - timely access to patient information for a quicker response time for clinical decisions
  • Reduced Dependence on Hospital Staff - fewer interruptions of