Diagnostic imaging services in Florida's Treasure Coast

Medical imaging and screening is a vital part of treatment for a range of diseases and conditions. At Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, we use the latest imaging technologies to accurately screen you at all stages of your care, whether you're coming in for a routine appointment or you're finishing up a lengthy treatment regimen.

For more information about our imaging services, call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (772) 742-9050.

Our Imaging Services Department provides a range of imaging services, including:

  • X-rays (radiation to identify healthy or abnormal conditions within the body)
  • Computed tomography, or CT, scans (enhanced X-rays that show three-dimensional views of a part of the body)
  • Nuclear medicine (radioactive isotopes to outline a specific shape or function of an organ or body part)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI (magnetism to screen various body parts)
  • Ultrasound (sound waves to screen structures in the body, such as organs and blood vessels)

In addition to our Imaging Services Department, we perform some screening tests in our Outpatient Services Department. Here, we offer pretest services that include:

  • Nursing assessments
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Electrocardiograms for pre-surgical, pre-radiology and special procedures, including pre-cardiac catheterization procedures